We Buy, Sell and Repair New & Used Equipment!

As an authorized distributor of Seal-Rite tanks and equipment, we carry an assortment of products at our plant location in Columbus, Ohio that can be purchased on-site or shipped directly to your doorstep locally or worldwide.

In addition, we also sell and purchase used equipment. Our fabrication specialists have years of expertise restoring, repairing and custom fabricating all types of tanks, trailers, trucks and asphalt maintenance/repair related equipment.


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New Bulk Tanks
2,000 - 10,000 GALLON

New 300-Gallon Spray Units
200 - 1,000 GALLON

New Skid Mount Units
500 - 1,200 GALLON

New Full Agitation Seal Tanks
200 - 1,000 GALLON

New 700-Gallon Spray Units

New 1,250-Gallon Spray Units

New 30-Gallon Compressor Units
2,000 - 10,000 GALLON

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